How a commercial building is constructed is fundamental to managing energy consumption and costs.  Building materials and techniques vary greatly in their ability to retain air and prevent heat loss.  Architects can incorporate SIPs into virtually any building design up to four stories tall and despite being a prefabricated component, SIPs are adaptable to a wide range of architectural styles and perform well in a variety of climates.  Faster construction, energy savings, healthier environment for employees and clients, and an easier building to operate are just some of the many benefits why many teams are moving towards SIP construction for their commercial projects.  Feel free to contact us directly with questions.


MFCU_coverThis financial institution achieved the highest possible LEED certification level in 2009.  Missoula has always been a very environmentally conscious city, and people are interested in sustainable systems and energy conservation.  With the commitment of their staff, board and design team, MFCU decided to play their part in the community and build sustainable.  SIPs couple with many energy efficient and environmentally friendly building materials, the MFCU team was able to reach its many green building and locally sourced goals.  Read project profile (pdf)






Pear Izumi cover photoThe new Pearl Izumi North American headquarters is a high-performance space to explore new ideas and innovation.  This designer and manufacture of upscale biking, triathlon and running gear moved into its new environmentally friendly building in December of 2013.  The 56,000 sq. ft. facility houses research and design, prototyping and testing, marketing, management and financial functions for the corporation.  Read  project profile (pdf)



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