Ultra-green Modular Classroom Prototype Relies on Premier SIPS

SEEDclassroom - Credit SEED Collaborative and Laurel McConnell Photography

SEEDclassroom – Credit SEED Collaborative and Laurel McConnell Photography

Method Prefab and SEED Collaborative have designed and built the first modular building to pursue the Living Building Challenge – considered by many building industry professionals to be the most stringent green building certification program in the world. Using Premier structural insulated panels (SIPs) by Insulfoam, the SEEDclassroom is intended to provide an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional portable classroom structures. The 900 sq. ft. building is designed to net-zero energy and water standards, meaning it obtains these resources from renewable on-site sources.

Premier SIPs comprise the walls, roof and floor of the SEEDclassroom. “The pre-fabricated SIPs install fast, which helped us meet a tight project time frame, and will allow for efficient construction of future SEEDclassrooms,” said Method Prefab Project Manager Bec Chapin. “Additionally, the SIPs help create a super-insulated envelope for a building with a very low design temperature of -24° F (-31° C).” The prototype will eventually be located in Jasper, Alberta, where the R-40 walls and floor and R-49 roof will help reduce heating energy requirements.

The SEEDclassroom will pay for itself in five years, and provide school districts with 60% lower operations and maintenance costs throughout its 100-year life, compared to traditional portable classrooms, according to SEED Collaborative’s analysis.

In addition to providing a healthy, energy-efficient space for students, the SEEDclassroom enables applied learning opportunities around sustainability. For example, inside the classroom the SIPs are left exposed so students can learn about the materials and methods used to construct the classroom, including the modular structure prefabricated using SIP panels.

“Some of the greenest buildings being developed today are schools,” said James Hodgson, General Manager for Premier SIPs. “It’s exciting to see Method Prefab and SEED Collaborative apply this philosophy of innovation and efficiency to portable structures.”

About Premier SIPs by Insulfoam
Premier SIPS by Insulfoam leads the construction industry in the research, development and manufacturing of high-performance, energy-efficient structural insulated panels (SIPs) and related materials. As one of North America’s largest SIP manufacturers, the company is a leader in working with design professionals, contractors and code officials on innovative SIP applications. For more information about Premier SIPS, call (800) 275-7086 or visit www.premiersips.com/bc.


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