SIPS & Timber Framing, A Natural Blend

Pacific Post and Beam, Reno, NV

Pacific Post and Beam, Reno, NV

Timber framing, a timeless beauty, has been around for centuries and has been used in almost every architectural style imaginable…adding a bit of architectural drama and who doesn’t want that! There are many influences to choose from and virtually no limit to the design possibilities with timber framing. Any style of home can be created with the handcrafted details of a timber frame structure.  The timber frame is truly a unique style of construction that few are able to provide in these days of fast-paced, bottom-line construction methods. The rewards come to those, however, who take the time and energy to embark on a design that begins at the core of the home, its structure. The timber frame instills a timeless sense of quality and stability that is rare in the modern construction techniques and forever expresses the embodied energy of the craftsman who created it. How often do you see the actual structure of a building create such a fabulous sense of space and naturally occurring rhythms throughout the structure in an energy efficient modern home?

Pacific Post and Beam

Pacific Post and Beam

Now what do you get when you pair the timeless beauty of timber framing with structural insulated panel (SIP) construction? You get a green and sustainable building by using products that are renewable, provide long-term energy efficiency and will maintain structural integrity far longer than a typical stick frame building.  Timber Frames are, by the nature of their structure, green.  When they are paired with Premier SIPS, you get a high R-value and reduce air infiltration heat loss which is extremely important to sustainability..  The Timbers themselves provide thermal mass that can absorb the heat during the day.  A timber frame paired with a SIP enclosure goes a long way toward building a better more well insulated home.  By building with SIPS, you get cost efficiency, heightened environmental performance, more comfortable living with good indoor air quality (IAQ) and superior strength.

Pacific Post and Beam, Santa Ynez, CA

Pacific Post and Beam, Santa Ynez, CA

Meet our SIP distributor, Pacific Post and Beam, serving central California.  Pacific Post and beam has been designing and building custom timber frame homes, timber frame trusses, wineries and SIP homes in California for over 28 years. Their projects vary from small cabins to modest 1500 square foot homes to a 5000 square foot Craftsman bungalow, timberframe trusses for a 17,000 square foot estate, to a 40,000 square foot winery, with no two projects being the same.   If you have gone wine tasting on the Central Coast you have likely appreciated Pacific Post and Beam timber truss projects.  The diversity of projects and the fact that Pacific Post and Beam has designed most of their homes and erected all of their frames has provided them with a firm grasp of California’s strictly enforced building codes.  Being a custom design and build timber framing company rather than a mass production kit manufacturer, Pacific Post and Beam can provide the custom services and attention needed to create a truly unique timber framed home that satisfies your personal preferences. This way their clients get the style of home they want rather than being locked into generic floor plans or a package deal that does not satisfy their needs. Whether you’d like a Tudor, Spanish, Cape Cod, Prairie style home, or anything in between, Pacific Post and Beam can make it possible.

FEATURED PACIFIC POST AND BEAM SIP HOMES (View more homes at Pacific Post and Beam)

  • Location:  Penn Valley, CA (foothills of Sierra Nevada)
  • Designer:  Jim Dummit Enterprises
  • SIPs Provided by:  Pacific Post & Beam
  • Size:  4,000 Sq. Ft. timber frame & SIP home
  • SIPS Used:  Premier 6″ SIP walls & 8″ insulam over 2×6 pine T&G roof
  • Photos: Click here for more photos
  • Location:  Santa Ynez, CA
  • SIPS Provide by:  Pacific Post and Beam
  • Size:  800 sq. ft. SIP guest house with a attached 325 sq. ft. timber framed screened porch built behind a 4,000 sq ft SIP home previously built on site.
  • SIPS Used:  Premier 6″ walls and 8″ SIP roof
  • Photos: Click here for more photos

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