Build Fast & Tight

Commercial Construction & Renovation

Commercial Construction & Renovation

Have you ever needed to meet dual challenges of rapid construction and high energy efficiency?  Take a look at our Little Big Horn College Health and Wellness Center project located in Montana.   The center’s design and construction team, working under an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, faced these same two substantial challenges:  undertaking the construction under a constricted timeline during a harsh Montana winter and making a building with large open spaces energy efficient.  Further than these challenges, the college wanted a building design that would reflect the tribe’s community and cultural values, as well as demonstrate the center’s role in supporting healthy living.

Read more in the article Tribal college uses ‘green and fast’ SIP building method for LEED vision originally published in Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine’s November/December 2012 issue.  See why Premier SIPs were chosen for both the roof and walls and testimonies from the architect, engineer and general contractor involved.

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Learn more about the Little Big Horn project as featured in previous blog article:

SIPS help meet tight construction schedule during harsh Montana winter

Project Summary


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