Tech Tuesday: How does your home’s energy use compare to your neighbors?

Written by:   Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

Okay, we’ve talked about how sexy the science behind energy savings is with SIPs.  We’ve touted all the green aspects of SIPs and why you should use them but…. REALLY?

Well, another way to say it is that you just don’t pay as much each month for utilities.  Your utility bill will be one of the lowest in your neighborhood if you use SIPs.  We used SIPs on our home remodeling project. We added quite a bit on to the house so it made sense to use SIPs.

Every couple of months our local utility sends out a report about how our home’s energy use compares to our neighbors.  We have consistently been in the top 5% for lowest energy consumption.  This report compares our home to homes that are about 80% smaller than ours, yet our home is still in the top 5% for energy efficiency.

This trend continues year round.  This past summer has been very humid in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.  We have pretty much had our air conditioner running since May and we still see this type of low energy consumption.  We keep the temp at 68 at night and let it go up to 75 during the day.  We do like it cool in the house.  I can say SIPs definitely do save on the monthly utility bill.  Now that’s green.


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